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Getting informed about Health Insurance (source : (...)

Getting informed about Health Insurance (source : L’Assurance maladie)

All the information related to Health Insurance : missions, organization and functioning (see on www.ameli.fr).

Social Security

Created sixty years ago, Health Insurance has become a major actor within healthcare system : flashback on our welfare system’s origins and organization.

  • Over the years
  • Several different health insurance schemes
  • Several different general scheme branches

Health Insurance Reform

August-2004-health insurance reform Law aims at saving health insurance whereas maintaining universal, compulsory and jointly liable aspect.

Understanding the reform
Health Insurance within the healthcare system

  • Reinforced responsibilities


The National Union of Health Insurance Funds puts together the three main health insurance schemes.

Health Insurance

The French National Health Insurance Fund manages, at a national level, sickness and industrial accidents/professional diseases branches of the social security general scheme.

  • A job : risk management
  • A sort of company specialized in services
  • Introduction of CNAMTS
  • CNAMTS’missions
  • The CNAMTS Council
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Committee
  • The Scientific Council
  • The Monitoring Council
  • Documentation Centre

Health insurance network

CNAMTS steers the health insurance organizations of the general scheme.

  • CPAMs and CGSSs
  • Health Insurance Medical Control Service