09/09/2011 - Key French Social Security Figures
Key French Social Security Figures 2010

Key French Social Security Figures 2010

The French social security system was founded in 1945 in order to

ensure that everyone should have the means required to support themselves and their family in decent conditions, under all circumstances [1]

It is based on the principle of solidarity which guarantees financial protection against life’s contingencies for everyone.

It covers health insurance, occupational injuries and diseases, pensions and family benefits. These four main branches of the social security system are completed by the collection of social contributions and cash management.
The French social security system is underpinned by the principles of universality and unity. It is administered through a number of different schemes : general scheme ; agricultural workers’ and farmers’
scheme managed by the CCMSA ; and the RSI scheme for the self-employed which covers the craft and trade sectors, the commercial sector and independent professionals. Other, ‘special’ schemes
cover specific professions such as civil servants. The general scheme alone accounts for about three quarters of the total expenditure incurred by the social security schemes.

In 2010, total net expenditures reached 316.1 billion euros for the general scheme and amounted to 433.7 billion euros for all schemes combined.
The French social security system is financed by social contributions paid by employers and employees, a general social welfare tax (CSG) and various other contributions and taxes.

While opinion polls show overwhelming public support for the social security system, there tends to be only a limited understanding of how the system functions and the huge flows of money in the system. This document aims to fill the knowledge gap by presenting key figures on the French social
security system and providing a better understanding of it has evolved over time and the issues faced today.


[1Explanatory statement from the French decree of 4 October 1945 establishing the social security system