03/01/2012 - Quality and efficiency programs
Quality and efficiency programs in the 2012 draft (...)

Quality and efficiency programs in the 2012 draft Social Security financing law : improving outcomes in troubled times

Quality and efficiency programs, which are an appendix of the 2012 draft Social Security financing law, provide an assessment of health care and social policies carried out in former Social Security budgets, with respect to the general goals assigned to those policies : sustainable financing, affordability, quality and efficiency of the provision of health care and social benefits. A special attention must be paid to the outcomes of the French Social security system in the context of the current trends of the global economic and financial crisis, which strengthens the need for a fast consolidation of public accounts, in France as well as in other developed countries.

Therefore, assessing adequacy and efficiency of health care and social expenditures, and sustainability of the resources allocated to their funding, is a major policy issue. In this respect, the current quality and efficiency programs show recent hopeful outcomes :

  • the share of “out-of-pocket” health care expenditures of households – e.g.
    those which are directly paid by households, after deduction of reimbursements from mandatory public and optional private health insurance schemes – has been decreasing since 2008 ;
  • the French health care system confirms its good results in the field of quality of medical services ;
  • the achievement of targets on reduction of savings health care expenditures which have no clear medico-economic justification has been higher in 2010 than before ;
  • the ratio of people aged 55 to 64 at work goes on improving despite an unfavourable economic context.