11/07/2011 - Responsibilities - Tout thème


Planning and management of social security finances
The DSS analyses the social security accounts, develops social security financial
projections and formulates and monitors the implementation of social
security scheme funding policy.

It manages revenues and expenditures in the social security system and
drafts and implements the Social Security Financing Acts (lois de financement
de la Sécurité sociale). In 2006 it took on responsibility for coordinating
the accounts certification system of the general scheme and in 2008 the
certification systems of the other statutory basic schemes.

Legal management and development of public policy

The DSS formulates public policy in the area of family benefits, health and
industrial injury insurance and pensions, and is responsible for social security
regulations as laid down in the French Social Security Code.

Direction of the operations of the social security institutions

The DSS directs the operations of France’s social security institutions, which,
for the general scheme alone, comprise : the four national funds (CNAM
(health insurance fund), old-CNAV (age insurance fund) CNAF (family benefits
fund) and ACOSS (central agency for social security funds) ; 312 basicscheme
funds ; and UCANSS, the body handling tasks relevant to all four
national funds.
The DSS is responsible for negotiating and implementing the 17 national
agreements on management and objectives, which, since their introduction
in 1996, have brought a performance-oriented approach to social security
management. The Directorate also has a role in monitoring the complementary
social security schemes and the French mutual sector.

A role at EU and international level

The DSS is responsible for negotiating and administering France’s commitments
at EU and international level in the area of social security (bilateral
agreements and coordination regulations). It is actively involved in the various
European bodies dealing with social security issues, its aims being to
contribute to the development of Social Europe and to showcase the benefits
of the French system.